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Innovative AGV robot

Lean Cart represent new, revolutionary concept in transport of materials. It’s an intelligent, automatically controlled transport system that replace forklifts and provides direct transport of materials without any operators.

Lean Cart robots are easy and quick to implement, install and exploit. Their work doesn’t need to be programed beforehand by users. The system uses the latest technologies which are a combination of different radio communication channels and software that serve as a supervision for supplying process going on in the warehouse.

The AGV robots are based on four pillars:


Our robot’s dimensions are tailored to customer’s individual needs. Thanks to use of appropriate subassemblies and fixture, Lean-Tech specialists have the liberty to create robots the way they want.


Owing to a wide range of drives, it is possible to transport products up to 1500 kg at speeds of up to 1,5 m/s. The minimum working time of the units is 8 hours and can be extended up to 16 hours. The power supply system allows for instant battery replacement.


The materials used in the construction of platforms are of the highest quality and come from leading manufacturers; AGV robots move under the control of our own monitoring system.


Lean-Tech places great emphasis on safety by using complex systems to control the 2D and 3D space around the robot.

Load capacity up to 1500 kg

Continuous operation up to 16h

Safety laser scanners

Hybrid navigation system (RTLS, SLAM)

AGV Robots

AGV Lean Cart robots

One of the novelties of Lean-Tech are AGV ‘Lean Cart’ robots. A revolutionary system of vehicles used for internal transport, replacing the work of forklift trucks and pallet trucks. The automatic control system does not require operator’s supervision. Safety systems and environmental monitoring systems built into them ensure proper and collision-free operation.

At the customer’s request, we offer an additional RTLS system, which changes the calculated route of the robot in case it is blocked by e.g. a forklift truck. Lean Cart robots are designed to work among people. Due to their universal use, mobile robots can be used in almost any conditions (their resistance to humidity reaches as much as 95%).
Robots for the warehouse

There is no limit to the number of robots working in one warehouse. They are easy to implement, regardless of the available space. The control software works on smartphones as well as computers and laptops. Owing to the application of the Lean Cart App, created by us specifically for the needs of the Lean Cart line, used to manage robots, we have an overview of the status of each of the devices connected to it. It also allows you to manually control robots or assign an infinite number of tasks to them.

We meet your needs with a proposal to adapt the dimensions and equipment of the robot to your individual requirements. We also provide all the infrastructure needed for the proper operation of the robot and offer professional training for the persons who operate it. As a company with 10 years of experience we guarantee that the device is made of the best quality materials and we offer technical service.

Each robot made by us has a two-year guarantee, after which we continue to provide consultancy to the Customer. As part of a possible repair we have all the necessary spare parts and, if the robot was not made at the special request of the customer, we offer a replacement robot.


Offer of AGV robots

Lean-Tech offers four models of mobile robots: Lean Cart 17.0, Lean Cart 18.1, Lean Cart 19.1 oraz Lean Cart 20.0.

Lean Cart 18.0 is specialized in smaller areas, where every empty space is valuable. It is designed to transport goods placed on transport trolleys. Special LED lighting shows its working condition.

Lean Cart 19.0 – the younger brother of Lean Cart 18.0 is adapted to transport much heavier products with a weight of up to 1500 kg. Owing to the equipment with 3D cameras and image processing sensors, it is able to take over the load and transport it to the place specified by us.

The Lean Cart 17.0 and Lean Cart 20.0 models have been designed to transport loads placed on pallets. They enable the autonomous transport of loads in storage and production spaces.

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