It is characterized by:

A simpler way to integrate a warehouse with the requirements of a workstation

An ergonomic workplace

Responsibility for the implementation of quality plans

Easily configurable for different tasks

The station has 4 shelves in the workstation for a higher level of autonomy. This enables easier management and ergonomic movement of parts on workstations without operator interaction. The workstation meets ergonomic standards. All stored parts are within the reach of the operator. The workstation is equipped with interior lighting, an adjustable footrest, and efficient use of space.


The workstation provides better part management and better identification. This means that it meets the requirements of ISO 9000. In addition, the system reduces the risk of confusion and incompatibility, and keeps components free of dust. Its ergonomic design combined with a robust structure allows for considerable flexibility in the way it is used. It is characterised by an ease to adapt to changes in the production process to maintain productivity for many years to come.




 made of aluminium profiles.

Electrical connections:

 400/415V three-phase


Four shelves can handle a total of 20 C1 rack boxes + accessories. Owing to the developed automated revolving mechanism, all 20 boxes remain in the nearest ergonomic zone A.

Dimensions approx.:

Width 1.3m, depth 1m, height 1.3m.

Peripheral devices:

 Roller conveyors, belt conveyors.

Customised designs to individual specifications.


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