What are AGV robots?

It’s a new, intelligent vehicle system that no longer need a manual operator. Robot cannot get tired, doesn’t need brakes, we can control it using the Lean Cart app downloaded on our smartphones, computers and tablets. AGV robots are revolution in the present way of transporting materials.

Unique features of robots

Each robot can be individually tailored to the client’s needs. You can choose the shape and size, as well as choosing the equipment for the device. Performance is an additional advantage. The robot transports products up to 1500kg with a speed of up to 1.5m/s. Only the highest quality materials are used to build the platforms.

What connects autonomous cars and AGV robots?

Autonomous cars are the future of the automotive industry created primarily for our convenience and comfort. Similarly, AGV robots make work easier and faster and more enjoyable. The common feature is also the use of the latest technologies in production. Autonomous cars and robots are used for transport. Fully safe – they have extensive security systems and monitor the surroundings so that they don’t pose any threat. The robots also use complex 2D and 3D space supervision systems. Such modern technology can create controversy and distrust among the society – on the other hand, fascinations and curiosity. However,one shouldn’t be afraid of this because the tests carried out guarantee safety for people and the environment.

AGV robots and autonomous cars – differences

Robots are used for the internal transport of materials – cars for people. Robots work for people to help and relieve them, while cars are extra convenience. Savings – one robot can replace even several forklift operators; An additional value for the entrepreneur is that the robots do not call in sick. Cars mainly serve only its owner, and by such modern technologies are not the cheapest. On the other hand, they can help reduce the annual number of car accidents because the driver is responsible for most of them, not the technology itself. AGV robots well integrated with the production line and warehouse improve the efficiency of the entire enterprise, ensuring employee safety.

Modern technologies are the future

Regardless of whether we like it or not, solutions that give convenience sooner or later became everyday life. We won’t be able to imagine our life on daily basis without it. That’s because we like new solutions that save time and money.