Comprehensive lines of warehouse and industrial conveyors

Transport lines consisting of conveyors and integrated devices play a decisive role in the internal flow of materials and products. Conveyor systems can be used to move various types of pallets, cartons or boxes. Thanks to individual approach to every project and the use of modern technologies, transport lines created by us are perfectly suited to the needs of the customer.linie montażu i kompletacji

Why use our transport systems?

First, they mean a significant cost reduction. The work previously performed manually by employees or partially by machines can now be fully automated. This allows the company to better manage its human resources and at the same time increases its competitiveness, as an employer, on the labour market.

Transport lines manufactured by our company are characterised by a modular design. In practice, this means that we are able to completely adapt our systems to the needs of the customer. We manufacture modules of various shapes, sizes and intended uses.  This is complemented by a modern design. We always focus on high efficiency of the whole transport line for pallets, boxes or cartons. We are happy to advise on the layout of the system and its adaptation to individual needs.

We design, build and integrate systems for automated flow of materials – comprehensive lines of warehouse and industrial conveyors. Our transport lines consist of roller conveyors (driven, non-driven, gravity), chain conveyors, pallet warehouses, ball tables and other devices which support product circulation. The scope of our services ranges from creation of simple transport lines intended to transport only a single product to creation of automated transport systems for entire companies, increasing the efficiency of work of hundreds of people. For each order we try to select an optimal equipment layout model.


Why work with us?

We are a company with an established position on the market and over 10 years of experience in internal logistics. By entrusting the automation of your company to us, you can be sure that the entire process, from start to finish, will be carried out in a professional and reliable manner, taking into account all your needs and using only the best solutions. Transport lines created by our company combine functionality and high quality.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional advisor will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with expert advice on automation and robotization of internal transport.