We received the prestigious ‘Supplier of the Year 2019’ award in the Logistics and Intralogistics category.

During the ceremonial Gala on December 4, 2019 at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw at the end of the Factory of the Year 2019 Conference, the third edition of the ‘Supplier of the Year 2019’ contest was resolved. We received the ‘Supplier of the Year 2019’ title for all the products and services that we introduced to the market in the intralogistics industry. We have been appreciated for innovativeness and matching our products and services to the needs of our clients.

The Factory of the Year event began with a conference attended by specialists, representatives of the engineering staff from all over the country and representatives of the management team. The theme of the conference was in line with top business trends – the use of new concepts and technologies not only to improve production, but also to get better business results. It was a great opportunity to show modern solutions and technology implementations in industrial plants.

Lean-Tech CEO Paweł Drab gave prelection on innovative solutions in internal transport. Prelection title: AGV robots – ‘How to effectively invest and save on transport within the enterprise?’. Chairman answered the following questions: how to use the latest technologies in one’s company? What is worth investing in and what mistakes to avoid? From which solutions for internal transport should one start with? During the lecture audience also learned what are the most important steps leading to the successful implementation of AGV robots in enterprises.