Rack stacker cranes
Full automation of processes.

Stacker cranes

Rack stacker cranes are devices used for automatic storage of loads in the warehouse and their placement in indicated places. They are usually used to move palletised goods. They are ideal for high storage warehouses. The stacker cranes move along the rack aisles. Loading and unloading is carried out in a single cycle of the machine, which makes it more efficient. At the same time, this system reduces the number of resources required for operation.

The stacker cranes can be adapted to the needs of any business. The parameters that can be modified are related to payload, dimensions, structure height, and cycle times, so that the equipment can be adapted to the conditions in the warehouse.


process automation

elimination of human errors

low-temperature tolerance



Rack stacker cranes are a great solution for large warehouses. Owing to their application, there is no need to create storage platforms at higher levels, allowing employees to deliver goods to a higher rack. The stacker cranes are ideal for warehouses with high rotation of palletised goods.

Types of stacker cranes

Unmanned (automatic) stacker cranes.

Stacker cranes operated by qualified personnel.

Rack stacker cranes for warehouses

Rack stacker cranes – devices that will facilitate the work in your warehouses. Rack stacker cranes used for internal transport of goods are suitable for both smaller and larger warehouses, thus replacing the work of forklift trucks. In high storage warehouses, the stacker cranes serve all levels of racks. They move along the aisles, allowing access to each of the products, thus eliminating the need to install storage platforms.
Stacker cranes as the heart of automatic storage

An automatic warehouse combines the work of stacker cranes and racks into one system that improves warehouse management. Why is it worth investing in automated warehouses? First of all, due to their efficiency and low maintenance cost, because they do not require the assistance of employees, and therefore do not need to be heated or illuminated. The only thing necessary is a watchman to look after the whole system. They have a long service life and pay for themselves in the first few years of use, after which they start to bring profits. Worn moving parts can be replaced without having to dismantle the entire device. These storage systems do not make mistakes, and the time taken to perform their tasks is significantly reduced.

Stacker cranes have a load capacity of up to 1,500kg, so they are able to handle pallet racks, whose application in automatic warehouses results in maximizing the used storage space. This system, depending on the needs, can be moved around the warehouse space at will.
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