Industry 4.0 means not only higher efficiency and lower costs, but also an increase in the level of work safety. According to the data of the Central Statistical Office for 2018, close to 80% of accidents were related to the human factor (i.e non-compliance with rules, psychophysical state of the employee, improper operation of machinery and equipment).

Implementation of internal logistics system based on AGV mobile robots significantly reduces these risks. Tight storage spaces, limited visibility on transport routes in production halls, noise and monotony of work, distraction – all these factors contribute to the increase in accident risk involving people. Meanwhile, in such conditions, AGV robots work very well, they can not get tired and will not lose concentration, thanks to which they perform their tasks reliably, effectively improving the level of health and safety in the company, while also reducing the physical burden on employees.

Meeting European standards

Lean Cart AGV safety standards are strictly regulated by the European Committee for Standardization. The transport robots we manufacture meet the requirement for installation of systems that stop the vehicle before it collides with another machine or any stationary obstacle. Choosing one of our robots  means picking efficient and safe internal logistics. All of our machines can autonomously carry out fast and safe maneuvers enabling efficient stopping or bypassing an obstacle by the machine.

Laser sensors

What systems do Lean Cart autonomous mobile robots have?These machines are equipped with, among others, laser sensors that allow the machine to orientate well in the working area. Each sensor has two specific “fields of view”. The first one is “the warning sphere”: if an obstacle enters its area, the AGV system notices its presence and prepares for any possible decisive action that occurs when the obstacle enters the “protection zone”. Then, according to CEN standards, the vehicle stops completely.


Immediate stop of work

There may also be a dangerous situation in the work area where the threat does not come from the AGV robot itself.Therefore, all devices are equipped with a special, easily accessible and clearly visible switch: the emergency stop. Pressing it causes immediate and unconditional halt in the machine’s operation. Lean Tech also allows the installation of additional systems to increase security. Among them is the RTLS system, which allows for immediate tracking of every machine equipped with it. Thanks to it, you can not only identify the movement of machines that pose a potential threat to occupational safety, but also optimize their work in its environment.

A way of efficient management

Management is the foundation of efficient and secure internal logistics. Lean-Tech has equipped its AGV robots with a way of managing – Lean Cart Management System. It can be used to control the movement of all machines covered by it, either from a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone; by controlling them remotely, or by commissioning them several different tasks to be performed in autonomous mode. Furthermore, this system serves not only management but also informative function. It provides direct insight into the state of all devices and the specificity of tasks assigned to them by other managers, which allows among others, to eliminate the overlap of tasks, and thus, reduce the risk of collision.

Modern AGV Lean Cart devices will make your logistics safe and efficient.

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