We are very happy and proud to tell you that we’ve just signed a letter of intent about cooperation with Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. Our cooperation and common efforts have led to receiving subventions for many corporate projects. We make use of experience and consult of science experts form Wroclaw’s University of Science and Technology and work together on world-scale innovations.

Currently, in Geocentrum of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology’s buildings autonomous robots’ tests are being researched.  We’re testing the newest features of AGV Lean-Cart robots software, such as autonomous planning and route realization, and also obstacle detection and evading.


In search for a universal solution

With Wroclaw University of Science and Technology’s scientists support our company created a Lean Cart 20.0 robot. It’s an intelligent AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) robot, used to internal transportation of euro pallets. Current technology required the industry space to be adapted to robot’s design by using hooks or racks on which euro pallets are disposed, later to be hauled by robots. The greatest challenge for our engineers was to find a universal solution, because of which the robot could be used in any place, without any changes in infrastructure. Lean Tech 20.0 is the 4th AGV robots made by Lean Tech. Each of our robots is destined to be used in different ways, thus providing endless opportunities for our clients.

Unique Lean Cart 20.0 – autonomous, fast and smart

agv transport paletOur Lean Cart 20.0 is capable of transporting products and materials without the necessity of using and replenishing robots with additional trolleys or platforms. This innovative solution makes Lean Cart 20.0 one and only in world scale. But it’s not the end of our robots’ improvements. Our robot will be able to move unusually fast (up to 4 km/h), and load products equally fast (only 60-90 seconds). Because of specifically designed batteries will be able to work up to 72 hours without recharging, and carried product could weight even 1 tone. The new type robot will also be able to change movement direction at any moment. To make movement and detecting obstacles easier, the robot will be equipped with two 3D cameras, two standard cameras and three laser scanners. Because of artificial intelligence, this new robot will be able to divide a space into sections and move more carefully in places where humans are, and faster where humans aren’t. This is a completely new solution that none of currently used robots have.
This product right now strikes a chord in potential clients, both in Poland and abroad.

lean Cart 20.0