Relocation of a production line – why should it be carried out? The contemporary industry requires constant implementation of modern technologies and application of effective solutions in production. Sometimes introducing even small changes can increase production efficiency. Therefore, the leader in the timber industry decided to relocate its production line in one of their plants.

relokacja linii produkcyjnej przemysł drzewny

Relocation of a production line – how to carry it out?

Carrying out relocation requires careful analysis of the entire production process and preparation of a new concept that will bring more profits and benefits. Moving machinery and equipment and supplementing the production line with new equipment must be done quickly and professionally. Relocation of the production line leads to savings, so the time and costs associated with a stoppage of production are minimized. The scope of works concerning our last relocation included the construction and delivery of new transport equipment, relocation of the existing equipment, integration and commissioning of the entire production line. We handled the whole task comprehensively. We have made every effort to adjust to the high requirements set by the wood industry, from the design to the launch of the production line.

przenośnik rolkowy transfer relokacja linii produkcyjnej

Relocation – what will you gain?

The production line we relocated is fully automated and does not require operation by the employees. We improved the technological process. In consultation with the customer, we changed the order of the production stages. Some of the machines (milling machines, paint applicators, and paint drying ovens) had to change their position in the production line. We improved the production line with new roller conveyors, strip conveyors, belt conveyors, and transfers. We supplemented the relocations with the installation of new software and we increased references. The whole process was a success – increasing efficiency and speeding up the production process. The automation of production processes pays off for everyone.
We have extensive experience in intra-logistics and implementation of modern solutions in production lines and warehouses. In our team there are outstanding specialists – designers, robotics engineers, automatics engineers, mechanics – together we will introduce the latest technologies to your company. Check our offer today.