Nowadays, controlling the flows in the company has become a necessity. What to do to have access to information about the location of objects and employees in real time? The monitoring system allows you to track the movement of people and inventory at the company’s disposal. Control the position of everything important to you! What is Flow Control and how does it work? Is it worth using in your own company?

Flow Control – what is it and how does it work?

Flow Control is a modern system based on the technology of passive and active tags. Flow Control is designed to track many elements simultaneously, no matter if they are people, vehicles or goods. Thanks to this, you can monitor the location of given units in detail. The system is easy and quick to install. Depending on the installed ICT infrastructure, the size of the area of operation can be adjusted to the needs of the entrepreneur. Importantly, Flow Control can be integrated with other systems. An additional advantage is the ability to replace all identifiers, access cards and keys with one smartwatch-sized band.

Advantages of Flow Control

Flow Control is chosen by employers due to the many advantages and amenities that can be gained from it. The system enables, among other things:

  • monitoring of employee working time – each entry and exit of an employee from the company will be recorded in the system, so you can easily control the time of work;
  • location of the location of any object – for example, an employee or item, Flow Control collects information on the location of the object It works perfectly in magazines – you can easily and quickly find a specific article you are interested in;
  • simplification of organizational procedures – Flow Control can replace any existing access devices: cards, codes or keys are no longer needed;
  • the ability to analyze and statistics about the flow of objects in the company – thanks to the system, you can quickly and almost error-free calculate any statistics for all marked objects.


Real-time location of people and property – application

The use of the system for locating people and property works well in industrial spaces, warehouses, as well as in transport and logistics. It is equally effective in inventorying and recording the company’s assets, so it can be used in offices, hospitals and offices.lokalizacja osób i mienia w czasie rzeczywistym

Flow Control during the coronavirus pandemic – what is worth knowing?

System Flow Control doskonale nadaje się do monitorowania epidemiologicznego. Ostatnio stało się to jeszcze ważniejsze ze względu na rozprzestrzeniającą się pandemię COVID-19. Aby uniknąć zagrożenia zdrowia i życia, system został wyposażony w funkcje umożliwiające kontrolę odległości między pracownikami. Jeśli odległość jest mniejsza niż dwa metry, opaska będzie wibrować. W przypadku epidemii Flow Control pozwoli ci szybko zlokalizować osoby, które mogły mieć kontakt z zarażonymi. Więcej o naszych rozwiązaniach w walce z koronawirusem można znaleźć na stronie