Production process automation is the future of the industry. An intelligent and automated factory equipped with robots is a way to increase productivity and reduce production costs. Growing competition means that the automation of production processes will increase dynamically in the coming years.

During its 10-year activity, our company has designed and implemented dozens of machines improving the production carried out by our customers. We know from experience that the most important thing is to adapt machines and robots to the specific needs of our customers. Automation of production processes is maximising the share of machines in production processes while minimising human resources. Robots and the latest technologies work well in places where production processes are monotonous and repetitive.

Automation of production processes – how to carry it out?

automatyzacja robot przemysłowy Automatyzacja procesów produkcyjnych
industrial robot

Increasing the company’s revenues by reducing production costs is the goal of every entrepreneur. The key to success is to make good use of the resources being at the company’s disposal and to implement continuous improvements. Only then will your factory work like a well-oiled machine.

Production lines, assembly stations, powered roller conveyors – gravity conveyors, cranes, warehouse stacker cranes, AGV internal transport robots – everything has to interact and complement one another. We are flexible and ensure that our machines and robots are fully adapted to the infrastructure and needs of our customers. Our projects are always designed with the individual needs of the customer in mind. Thanks to our projects and implementations, our customers benefit from faster production processes and far-reaching savings.

How to automate internal transport?

Automatyzacja procesów produkcyjnych
Lean Cart 19.1

The high maintenance costs for forklift truck and pallet truck operators make you wonder what to replace them with. AGV Lean Cart robots work independently transporting materials and finished products along the routes assigned to them. They perfectly combine production lines, assembly lines, and the warehouse. It is an intelligent system of automatically controlled vehicles. Lean Cart AGV robots are equipped with certified safety systems to ensure that the robots do not collide. By replacing forklift trucks with AGV robots we eliminate accidents caused by human error and save money. Robots have a management system – supervision and control software, independent of the operating system. The management system allows to control the robot from any place by using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Benefits from automation of production processes

Implementation of modern technologies and automatic solutions in production processes makes it possible to develop and improve the quality of the final product. Automation of production processes is the way to ensure stability of production and increase productivity. Robots take over the toughest, monotonous and complex work, working without hindrance even in harsh and harmful conditions. The technology introduced into your company gives you safety and reliability.

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