Internal transport – INTRALOGISTICS
Pallet transport lines

Pallet conveyors – Roller conveyors: powered, gravity conveyors

Lean-Tech specializes in the design and implementation of inter-process pallet transfer systems. The aim of the company is to ensure the safety of the process at the highest possible transport efficiency. Lean-Tech is a manufacturer and integrator of pallet transport lines.


Permissible weight up to 1,500kg (a more robust version is available for individual designs)

Transfer of pallets with side dimensions up to 1,400mm

Process automation and system commissioning

Solutions powered by an electric motor and gravity transfer – Powered roller conveyors and gravity conveyors

Loading and unloading with forklift truck or pallet truck


Adjustment of the model to the majority of available pallet types – also with atypical structure and sizes

consistent high quality, supported by the experience of recent years

transfer in all directions

completion date depending on the size of the project – from 8 to 16 weeks

flexibility of solutions tailored to the individual preferences of the Customer

reducing the physical burden on employees

Available models

Roller conveyor



Pallet lift

Chain conveyor


In the case of a complex contract, the company acts as a project integrator, introducing into the system external devices such as:






Each device manufactured by our company meets the safety requirements based on the current regulations. In addition, each implementation has a comprehensive subcontractor documentation and a 24-month guarantee. The company carries out electrical measurements and prepares a report, a decision on compliance with the essential requirements of the European Union Directive and a risk analysis. The Declaration of Conformity is then issued together with the CE mark.

Gravity roller conveyors

Gravity roller conveyors do not have their own power source. The rollers rotate freely, without a drive from a geared motor. Roller conveyors are used for internal transport of cartons, boxes, crates or pallets. The roller conveyor is powered by the weight of the transported load and the properly selected angle of inclination. Roller conveyors are the perfect complement to larger transport systems, which include, for example, roller conveyors, belt conveyors, and chain conveyors.

The advantage of gravity roller conveyors is a very low operating cost. The structure of gravity roller conveyors is light and solid, which allows for free configuration of systems and possible temporary changes in the configuration of conveyors. The range of conveyors offered by Lean-Tech is wide. All devices offered by us, including gravity roller conveyors, are adjusted to the needs and infrastructure of the customer – their height and width are adjusted to the type of transported loads. In places where gravity roller conveyors cannot be used, powered conveyors are used.

Powered roller conveyors

Powered roller conveyors are widely used in internal transport, can be used to transport small cartons and boxes as well as heavy pallets. Powered roller conveyors enable the construction of complex transport networks. Conveyors belt conveyors, gravity roller conveyors, and powered conveyors can be freely combined and integrated into automation systems. Roller conveyors can be used together with sensor systems and counters. Geared motors or electro-rollers are used to drive powered roller conveyors.


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