The rapid technical progress of the modern world enables enterprises to easily optimize and individually design all processes – transport, production and storage. For these last processes, this results in, among others ever more modern pallet transport systems inside the enterprise.

It is difficult to imagine the functioning of the industry and, in particular, the manufacturing industry without a pallet – the basic device used for storing and moving goods. The pallet is involved in both internal and external transport of most goods. For an enterprise to function effectively, i.e. bring the highest profits with the best quality of services, not only external transport must work perfectly – it also requires the most efficient operation of the internal transport system.

What is the internal transport of pallets?

As part of internal transport, the cargo is moved within the premises of the enterprise – from the moment of entry (entry into the storage area) to the moment of exit (departure of the finished load from the warehouse). Internal transport – intralogistics – pallets therefore consists in mixing them in the area of storage of goods. Up to 1500 kg are placed on each such pallet, which is why all devices that are involved in its manipulation must meet quality and safety standards.

Modern pallet transport – which services should you choose?

What does Intralogistics look like for industry 4.0? It is properly constructed, properly installed and of course, the most efficiently working entire pallet transport, i.e. the entire pallet movement line. The modern operating company has a warehouse equipped with roller conveyors, elevator lifts and symmetrizers. Transporting, both small-sized goods and those with high load load, roller conveyors, can be supplemented by gravity roller conveyors, which have the advantage of low operating costs.

When deciding on a service in the field of intralogistics, it is worth choosing a company that approaches the client’s requirements flexibly and proposes to adapt the models of devices to the pallets of unusual dimensions. The Lean-Tech company, which specializes in the field of internal transport systems, provides customers with high quality services as well as any combination of roller and gravity conveyors with each other.

Advantages of pallet transport systems

Nowadays, looking at the functioning of companies, it is difficult to bypass the topic of ecology. Most companies probably now pay attention to taking actions that will have a positive impact on the natural environment. This is precisely the use of pallet shifting lines – in this way the company reduces the amount of exhaust gas emitted by forklifts.

The advantage of using the internal transport system is also increasing control over the production process, reducing the number of mistakes and errors, streamlining employee activities, and all this leads to an increase in the company’s efficiency and increase in its profits.

What other solutions are worth considering?

Automation and robotization of processes takes place in every area of operation of modern companies, also in warehouse systems. Currently, wherever it is possible, the participation of machines in production processes is maximized, while the share of human resources is minimized. The Lean-Tech company has a wide offer of such solutions: stacker stackers, assembly, picking, packaging and palletizing lines. The innovative robot – AGV Lean Cart, which can replace the operation of forklifts and pallet trucks, as well as the LT Flow Control system that allows you to control the flow of people and warehouse resources are also noteworthy.

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The internal transport of pallets is one of the huge number of processes that make up the entire system of enterprise functioning. However, it is extremely important, because it ensures efficient handling of pallets – devices that move the cargo within the warehouse. Therefore, when choosing a company that offers intralogistic solutions, we should choose wisely – so that it brings the most benefits.


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