Offer – Manufacturer of conveyor belts
Production of transport lines, Manufacturer of production lines

Chain, roller conveyors – gravity conveyors, powered conveyors

Design and implementation

The main area of the company’s activity is designing and implementation of industrial investments. Lean-Tech deals with the assembly and comprehensive service of production lines in enterprises. As a manufacturer of belt conveyors and a manufacturer of roller conveyors (belt conveyors, gravity roller conveyors, powered roller conveyors), the company ensures that every manufactured device meets all safety requirements. Together with the implementation, the customer receives detailed documentation, and each product has a 24-month guarantee. The company specializes in modern and innovative solutions for work safety and machine protection. Drawings are created using the best programs available on the market, such as Solid Edge.

The company is particularly focused on the challenges within the following scope:

Transporting pallets and other heavy loads (conveyor belts)

Machine building, from fitting stations to complete production lines

Safety at work in an automated environment

Solutions based on Norcan structural aluminium profiles

Innovative solutions based on vision systems, AGV systems

Lean-Tech’s offer is addressed to the following industries:


Household appliances & audio/video devices

Chemical industry

Food industry

Manufacture of packaging

Logistic warehouses

Woodworking industry


Investments in intra-logistics

Lean-Tech Sp. z o.o. is a company offering comprehensive solutions in the field of internal transport systems. It specializes in intra-logistics designs, warehouse stacker cranes as well as the supply of entire production and assembly lines (belt transporters, belt conveyors).

Lean-Tech Sp. z o.o. is focused on both pallet transport, transport of heavy loads, as well as delivery and transport of boxes and cartons of low weight, and assembly of complete production lines.

As a contractor, the company provides full coordination of the undertaken projects, constructing mechanical, electrical and automation systems, designing systems of various types, as well as logistics designs, preparation of investment concepts, analyses, and simulations based on specialized knowledge and software.


Stacker cranes

Stacker cranes are devices used for automatic storage of loads in the warehouse and their placement in indicated places.


Complex solutions based on the AGV system, integrated with transport lines, test benches, and fitting stations.


Automation and Robotisation

Designing and implementing solutions for automation of the production, transport, and packaging processes in enterprises.

Assembly and picking lines

Design and manufacture of complete assembly lines, from manual to automatic ones, and support at each stage of production.

Transport of pallets

The company is a manufacturer and integrator of pallet transport lines. Designing and full implementation of inter-process pallet transfer systems.

Inter-process transport

Comprehensive implementation of in-house transport systems increasing the efficiency of production plants.

Packaging and palletising lines

At the heart of every system there is a robot with a dedicated gripper adapted to the needs of a given line.

Logistics designs

Lean-Tech specializes in designing individual machines as well as entire production lines.

Customers receive full support through:

Comprehensive design process

Installation, validation of equipment, and training of personnel

Guarantee and post-guarantee service

Complete drawing documentation

Analysis of potential threats

Transparent production process in the company's plant

Manufacturer of conveyor belts

As a leading manufacturer of conveyor belts for internal transport, Lean-Tech offers customers the highest quality transport equipment for pallets, other heavy loads, as well as aggregates. Frames made of steel or aluminium allow the transport of goods with a weight of up to 1,500kg.

As a professional manufacturer of belt conveyors, we offer you comprehensive services from the design, adjusting the conveyor to your needs, to its transport and installation. We also offer a 24-month guarantee for each of the devices manufactured by us, as well as full documentation.


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