Real-time location of people and property
Flow Control

LT Flow Control – System for monitoring people and property


Control the flow of people and warehouse resources in your company.

The system is based on the technology of passive and active tags.



If you need to locate people or objects in your company – this is the solution for you. The tags allow you to instantly find what you are     looking for.

Input / output monitoring

We offer a system that will give you complete knowledge of the time of entry / exit person to / from the specified area.

Analysis and statistics

Very accurate data and information about the flow of objects and people in your enterprise. Statistics and analysis for all tagged objects.




How does Flow Control work?

A system that allows you to monitor goods, transport units and people. At the same time it is able to track hundreds of objects. The area is not a limitation for him. The size of the area in which it will operate depends solely on the ICT infrastructure installed. The tags are designed to take up as little space as possible and be convenient to install. In the case of IDs for persons, they are implemented in the format of a payment card or smatwatch
The battery enables uninterrupted operation of the tags for a period of 12 months. They should be replaced after this time.

An integral part of LT Flow Control is software that enables real-time observation of moving objects. In addition, it collects data from the entire system and archives it. In the application, it is possible to define areas in which the presence of objects will be analyzed. Thanks to this tool, it is easy to get information about the time an element stayed in the area, download simple statistics and visualize the data.The standard is also heatmapa, track playback time and statistical analysis of the selected parameter.


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