In the era where every second matter, the pace of making decision is paramount. What should we do so that we can have an access to information and localization of objects and employees in real-time? LT Flow Control – location management system – is the answer to this question. This system allows you to track the flow of people and warehouse resources avaliable to the company. Control the flow of what’s important to you!

Location of people and object in real-time

How does it work?

The system operates based on the technologies of active and passive tags. LT Flow Control allows you to locate people and property. It controls routes along which specially marked objects are moving in real-time. Thanks to LT Flow Control you’ll gain a knowledge on every object’s position. Further more you’ll gain access to routes along which your resources are travelling, such as transport robots – e.g. Lean Cart AGV, liftforks, employees or production in progress. It’s up to you what and how you want to control it.

LT Flow Control is a lasting way that allows you to manage location of people and property in real-time. LT Flow Control system allows you to mark people and property with tags, like labels and chips. Tags in conjunction with mobile readers send information to the appropriate device. Read range depends on the tag method and vary between 1 and 5 meters.

Location management system – application

Location management system works well in industrial spaces, warehouses and in both transport and logistics. It is equally effective in both inventory and record of company assets, hence it can be used in hospitals or offices.

We offer LT Flow Control system in few different options:

  • login/logout monitoring;
  • determining the position of a person/object;
  • path and traffic statistics analysis;

LT Flow Control gives you specific information. Decision-making will be conscious and will increase the efficiency of processes in your company. Thanks to the analizes provided by the location management system, you will manage and use your resources in the best possible way thus reducing losses to minimum.

Lean-Tech provides you with professional advices. We’ll help you choose and adjust appropriate LT Flow Control location management system.

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Location management system