Logistics Processes
Development and simulation

Logistics Processes

Development of logistic models (logistic project) and computer simulation of logistic processes in the following areas:

Internal transport

Internal transport handling supplies of necessary materials to production lines and transport of semi-finished and finished products between particular prodction areas and storage places. This is the range inside the area

Transport can be carried out using various means of transport such as forklifts, stacker cranes, conveyors or autonomous robots – AGV trucks.

The main goal of preparing a logistics project in the area of ​​internal transport is the analysis and optimization of the use of means of transport while ensuring a high level of process reliability.

The simulation allows the analysis and evaluation of various alternatives in the area of ​​internal transport.



Preparation of logistics designs using computer simulations allows you to determine the required capacity for individual zones in the warehouse and the selection of appropriate solutions for the handling of the storage process (types of racks, elevators, roller and chain conveyors, rack stacker cranes, etc.).


Planning and optimization of production. Analysis and evaluation of production processes. The increase in complexity and dynamics of modern production systems makes it necessary to search for innovative methods and tools to improve the control of the production process.

Three-dimensional process visualization

The simulation model of the logistics model system (logistics model) allows to visualize the course of the process, e.g. it allows to see a functioning technological line at the design stage. Simulation tools used by Lean-Tech allow to use virtual reality during model presentation. Owing to this, the customer can go to the interior of the designed factory, warehouse, and even better, assess the emerging logistics design.


CAD design

Lean-Tech specializes in designing individual machines as well as entire production lines. In its structure, the most important department is the construction department, which brings together the best engineers specializing in the construction of production machinery. Lean-Tech has many years of experience in building transport systems, which allows us to provide customers with the best solutions tailored to their needs. The company uses the latest and best software available on the market, which allows us to design in 3D. This makes it possible to implement any logistics design in a short period of time. Additionally, such a logistics design includes documentation together with a technological guide.

Logistics design

We offer comprehensive preparation of a logistics design. We will carefully analyse all the factors influencing the effectiveness of your company. The logistics design covers all the departments that make up the company, starting with the production, distribution, and warehouse departments. Good logistics designs ensure that all processes run smoothly and in a thoughtful manner. A logistics design will help you to make the most of your company’s resources. The prepared logistics design shows you how to optimize costs and what decisions are good for your business.

When preparing a logistics design, we take into account the current logistic situations and processes. Before the creation of a detailed process, we prepare at least two concepts with a description of the action. Ready-made concepts include a cost calculation for the implementation of a logistics design optimizing the processes.

A detailed logistics design covers all planned logistics details in the company, including new assumptions and requirements. Our logistics designs include a detailed description of the processes and technical specifications. Lean-Tech, as a company specializing in intra-logistics, not only prepares a design for your company, but also implements it and provides advice and support after implementation.

Logistics model

Modelling and simulation allows to map and optimize the processes taking place in any company. The areas that can be simulated are, among others, the areas of production, logistics, and services. The logistics model saves time and money. Depending on the complexity and accuracy of the process mapping, the standard time to build a logistic model is 1 to 10 working days. Therefore, it is possible to quickly find the best solutions in a short time.
Additionally, optimization and verification of project assumptions allows for the best configuration of the system (or introduction of changes), so that it is the most beneficial for the company.

Process modelling with FlexSim enables us to visualize the emerging processes in 3D and VR.
This is an attractive form of visualization of a selected system at the stage of its design.

Simulation modelling is most often used to optimize modelled processes. The optimization criterion is arbitrary and can be applied to:
• costs incurred by the entrepreneur;
• reliability and safety of the implemented processes;
• efficiency and quality.

The model development process consists of three stages: model construction, experimentation, and presentation of results.
The construction of a logistics model is based on a precise representation of the modelled customer system. This requires data from the actual system (or design) on the basis of which the model reflects the reality of the process.
The implementation of experiments allows to perform many tests on the developed model and check how selected external parameters affect the implementation of this process. The presentation of the results is a synthetic report of all the most important information obtained on the basis of experiments concerning the process.

Simulation modelling can be used, among other things, for:
• Verification of design assumptions;
• Optimization of the production process;
• Eliminating bottlenecks;
• Cost, efficiency, and quality analysis of processes.


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