Lean-Tech Ltd. with great pleasure informs that by Resolution of the Council of Western Chamber of Commerce (ZIG) – Employer and Entrepreneur No. 1/2020 of 02/03/2020 our company has been included in the community of its members. We’re hoping that this will provide us with opportunities to implement many interesting projects and new ventures. Membership in the ZiG is a distinction, which creates great development opportunities. We hope that thanks to it, we’ll be able to provide customers with even higher service standards than before and deliver them products of even finer quality. We’ll do everything to make membership in the Western Chamber of Commerce bring all of us many benefits. We’re hoping for this to be an opportunity for us to broaden our knowledge in various fields, as well as to establish new economic contacts, which in the future would result in cooperation with local governments and other entities conducting their activities in the region of Lower Silesia.

What is the Western Chamber of Commerce?

Western Chamber of Commerce is an organization whose primary goal is to bring together business entities with mission of creating cooperation, development, protection and representation of  interests for these entities. Chamber also places great emphasis on the dissemination of ethics when conducting business activities. Through regular organization of specialized trainings and meetings with experts in various fields, it enables entrepreneurs to broaden their knowledge, while also to establishing many valuable social and economic contacts, including those of international range.The Western Chamber of Commerce has been operating continuously since 1995. Its current president is Marek Pasztetnik. Currently, the organization unites nearly 400 entrepreneurs from Lower Silesia operating in various industries reflecting the economic diversity of the region, connected by a desire to develop and cooperate on many levels. Since 2/03/2020, list of ZIG members also includes Lean-Tech Ltd.