Intelligent mobile robots can be fully integrated with the production line and efficiently cooperate with humans. The fleet of autonomous Lean-Cart robots optimizes transport within the company, thanks to special management software you will have full control over the control of their tasks.

How Autonomous Robots Lean Cart Robots?

The secret of their operation lies in a specially dedicated Lean Cart Management System. This system is incredibly efficient and reliable. Allow on how to access the robot. Access to remotely control robots and add an infinite number of tasks from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The Lean Cart Management System, thanks to its innovative functions, is indispensable wherever the payment begins. This system works on the site with virtual tags that inform passersby about tasks to be performed. The Lean Cart Management System is prepared for integration with the WMS or EPS class (e.g. SAP) used in factories and warehouses. Our management system makes working with mobile robots quick and easy, it is consistent with the idea of Industry 4.0. Lean Cart Management System gives you full control over AGV robots!

The developed Lean Cart Management System enables:

  • planning and implementation of routes,
  • allows for maps of the environment in which the robot operates,
  • planning the path of movement, its development, and then implementation.

The Lean Cart robot, moving along the programmed path, implements subsequent measures defined for its individual points, which are additional measures defined for its individual points, constituting virtual symbols (specifically below).

These activities are designed to allow the transport connected in a defined place in the form of a trolley, enter the space in the keys. The whole was taken from a flight on a course for mobile robots that operate in an industrial center, but due to the comparison with the software version, it has a wider range of applications.

During the automatic execution of the route, the implemented application enables the execution of a language service. The platform automatically docks at the point where the connection was defined. After connecting, the installation uses the sensor of his stay, starts the next route.

During the process of defining files using the route planner application, prices are virtual markers which are placed on the route on the course of its implementation. These points are characterized by the identifier of the identifier, and their specification is also presented. Some of the markup of technical parameters such as speed, time, message content. By tracking a path is meant treating the points generated by the algorithm as sub-targets. Improved in effect the use of route markers, helps in handling and frequent operation.

We have over 11 years of experience in intralogistics. We specialize in the production of AGV robots tailored to the needs of customers and their implementation in logistic registrations. Autonomous Lean Cart AGVs are equipped with the latest safety, navigation and location systems. Lean Cart robots are installed and supervised by the Lean Cart Management System developed by us. Our robots are fully operational and meet all the needs of our customers in 4.0.

If you are interested and have more questions, we are happy to invite you to our showroom for a free presentation of the capabilities of our robots.