Assurance of proper internal transport is one of the most important matters in a company. Because of it all processes can progress fluently. Badly planned transport could lead to huge finance losses and decreasing effectiveness. The most frequently used method is moving cargo on euro pallets. Specifically designed transport lines allow transporting euro pallets in both vertical and horizontal directions.


Magazine elevator — a line for vertical transport of euro pallets

Vertical calliper is part of the transport system, being used for lifting and lowing the cargo to a proper level. Cargo elevators are equipped with conveyor and chain rollers, on which euro pallets can be transported.

In one of the last implementations for a company from the automotive industry, we made vertical transport lines (warehouse lift). The completed project allows the transport of cargo between four floors of the warehouse, as well as the transfer of pallets to one of the selected floors directly from the place intended for delivery. The vertical transport line allows you to transport goods weighing up to 1200 kg, not exceeding 2.2 m in height. The 14-meter lift allows you to move pallets of various sizes and structures. The speed of movement of the load can be adjusted. The maximum lifting height is 9 meters.


How does an elevator work? Automatic transfer between floors

The realization aim was transportation of euro pallets to different floors of a magazine. Conveyor rollers receives cargo and delivers it to vertical calliper — the cargo elevator. During transportation a swivel sets position of euro pallets, to make further transfer possible. The elevator moves cargo to different floor, where it’s received by another conveyor roller and is being delivered to unload zone.

Safety – magazine elevator for vertical transportation

The whole system is equipped with all essential safety parts following through European norms. Movable elements are secured with curtains, safety gateways and detectors that stop the entire line if a worker enters danger zone. Lights set at the beginning of every line defines its readiness for transportation. Green light means it’s ready and cargo can be placed on it. Red light means emergency situation and a need of intervention of (traffic maintenance) or repairer. Blinking orange light means that elevator is currently delivering cargo to defined floor and another europallet can’t be placed on the line. Special steering cassettes are used for control of each line. The elevator is secured from overload barging in of operator.

Vertical callipers (magazine elevator for vertical transport) can connect two or more transport line’s levels – depending on needs and space conditions. We design solutions adjusted to customer’s needs. We have enough experience and knowledge, because of which we realize projects fulfilling customer’s individual needs and expectations.


linia do transportu pionowego palet