Carton transport line

Lean-Tech has designed and implemented a carton transport system for the food industry for cartons from moulding machines to packaging machines and to film wrapping machines.

The line was built on the basis of a load-bearing structure in the Norcan profile system. It consists of roller conveyors, belt conveyors, and pneumatic separators. Cartons are fed automatically directly from the moulding machines, then the goods are transported at a great height to the packing station. The stations automatically distribute the cartons to the individual stations. After packing, the cartons are automatically labelled, scanned, and transferred to the packing station.

Seasoning line

Lean-Tech designed and implemented a storage and seasoning system for semi-finished products for the construction of industrial walls for a company from the metal industry.

The system is a welded, powder coated structure. The main components of the line are chain and roller conveyors with integrated pneumatic crossings. The product enters the line directly from the production hall, then passes through all seasoning conveyors, and is finally picked up by a forklift truck.

Transport of a foam block from the production line

Lean-Tech has implemented a device for receiving polyurethane foam blocks for a chemical company.

The device was made on the basis of a welded structure. The roller-chain transport system is mounted on a hydraulic lift. A several-metre-long foam block enters the device automatically from the production line. Then it is transferred to one of the two levels of seasoning by a transverse conveyor.


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