Chain conveyors are a solution used in the transport of heavy loads. Due to their construction, they are mainly used to transport pallets, crates, containers, and other large-sized items.

Chain conveyors are very durable, they can carry loads weighing even up to several tons. Chain conveyors will work well in logistics centres and packaging departments, as well as in the forwarding departments of manufacturing companies. Chain conveyors are a solution for transporting heavy loads from production halls to warehouses.

Chain conveyors – structure

Conveyors provide flexibility and a wide range of equipment to complement them. Chain conveyors are complemented by fragments of roller conveyors and the direction of transport is changed by turntables and transfers. These devices change the track on which the load moves, turning it around and moving it to the next section of the conveyor line. The structure of chain conveyors is durable and stable, it can be equipped with an anti-vibration base. The height and length of individual conveyor modules can be adjusted to the customer’s needs. Chain conveyors provide flexibility in the selection of the number of strands (2-5 strands can be used). Additional equipment of chains in conveyors are jaw clutches and plastic or rubber overlays. The jaw clutches increase the load support and protect the load from damage. The structure of the conveyors is made of powder-coated steel, certified steel or stainless steel.


rozwiązanie w transporcie ciężkich ładunków – Przenośniki łańcuchowe

Chain conveyors are reliable, quiet, easy to operate and maintain. The drive structure ensures uniform speed on all strands, so that the internal transport processes run smoothly and without interruptions.

Minimise the risk of breakdowns and downtime by introducing chain conveyors for the transport of heavy loads.

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