Automatic large storage warehouses

The modern logistics market brings more and more requirements. Fortunately, this is done by automated large warehouses. They allow you to organize space in a very beneficial way. They allow you to get every metric meter, so it’s not wasted. Working in an ergonomically used space is also pleasant for the same employees and, above all, more efficient.


Automatic high storage warehouses – basic information

Automatic high storage warehouses allow goods to be stored at heights up to 45 m. They ensure high throughput, and most importantly, are very secure solution. This method of storing goods is particularly recommended to companies with ownership very large storage halls. The automated warehouse is maintenance-free and all available the space is perfectly used! Lean-Tech is an expert in the field of intralogistics. As Dambach storage systems integrator, ensures the highest quality of its projects.


magazyn wysokiego składowania

Who is the automatic high bay warehouse for?

This solution is good for everyone because automatic high bay warehouses are universal. The stacker crane parameters can be easily adapted to the way it is downloaded is the goods, as well as the load capacity. Automatic high bay warehouses are suitable for all types of goods. The demand for the right temperature is without any here meaning, because magazines can be used at a constant, room temperature or temperature  variable, controlled. They are also perfect in the form of cold rooms or freezers.

Perfect match

Lean-Tech is an experienced company that is 100% trying to meet its expectations Customers. He cares about the highest quality as well as an individual approach to each case. In each situations are slightly different. The Lean Tech company, creating every new project, has on in particular, increase of profits in your client’s enterprise and optimization his work. Provides fast and efficient reloading of even a very large number of items warehouse.

Automatic high storage warehouses as a form of savings

Automatic high storage warehouses also save the customer a lot money. The main reason is the reduction in the number of employees. There’s no need to already employ so many people, and this significantly reduces the cost of the company. There is also such a magazine able to work continuously 24/7 and be equally efficient all the time. Machinery works with storage systems (e.g. WMS) and do not make mistakes, all you need is them set up accordingly. In addition, the performance of these warehouses is always at its highest level.

Automatic high storage warehouses – what they consist of

Automatic high storage warehouses consist of racks, robots, software, stacker cranes and the entire system of other devices. These elements complement each other and interact with together. The stacker cranes are components that deal with moving goods from pallets. They move along shelf corridors. During one pass of the stacker crane through the rack corridor occurs unloading and loading, which is why, it incredibly increases productivity and speed of work. Stackers can be customized to perfectly meet the expectations of any business.

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