Automation and Robotisation
Development direction of manufacturing companies

Automation of production processes and its advantages

A dynamically changing market situation encourages investors and business owners to implement more and more advanced production solutions. Often, these solutions must be designed specifically for the needs of the company, taking into account the specificity of the industry, the way of conducting business, infrastructure, human resources, and many factors influencing the optimisation of production. As a manufacturer and supplier of machines and systems, the company offers design and implementation of automation solutions for production, transport, and packaging processes in companies.

What is production automation?

The term production automation means implementing solutions which allow to increase the share of machines in production processes while reducing the human factor. Taking over tasks requiring extraordinary precision and accuracy, the toughest or most monotonous work by robots relieves the workload of the employees, helps increase productivity and optimises production costs.


Lean-Tech offers production automation services for a wide variety of sectors and industries. In our offer you can find both standard equipment and systems, as well as solutions designed and manufactured according to individual customer requirements and expectations. Flexibility of services and their high standard allow us to fully adapt production lines to the capabilities and requirements of the customer, taking into account such parameters as: number of operators, production efficiency, infrastructure and dimensions of available space in the production hall, allocated investment budget, and many other factors.

Advantages of production process automation

The implementation of individual solutions for partial or full automation of the production process brings a number of measurable benefits to enterprises, which can be perceived both immediately and on a long-term basis. Conveyors supplied by Lean-Tech roller conveyors and chain conveyors, direction changing devices, cranes, lifts, trolleys, pallet magazines and stackers, palletising robots, wrapping machines and automatic strapping devices are machines that automate production processes in a comprehensive way and provide many benefits, such as:

significant increase in labour productivity

ability to take over the toughest, monotonous, and complex work by the robots

greater precision in the execution of individual tasks

protection of employees' health and ergonomics

supporting or replacing individual production sites

elimination of the so-called human factor: errors, mistakes

optimisation of production costs

ensuring stable and repeatable performance of tasks

Robotisation of production processes and its advantages

Robotisation of a production plant is a process that inevitably involves the modernization of a technological line – all or part of it and optimisation of production processes in terms of their further automation.

Depending on the place where automation is implemented in a given technological line, the processes of technological line optimisation may concern its different areas – the area of product manufacturing, its processing, packaging, transport, as well as palletisation and storage. Increased level of line automation, new equipment, additional conveyor lines always “accompany” the implemented robots. Installation of additional equipment is required and necessary for the robot to work… because industrial robots (AGVs) in production lines never work “alone” – for their proper operation it is necessary to properly feed the product, position it and, depending on the industrial application (packaging, palletising, welding, material handling, glue application, machine operation, and others), appropriate additional accessories may be needed.

Therefore, bearing in mind the fact that per one implemented industrial robot there are many additional devices necessary for its operation, taking into account the number of installed robots, it is possible to deduce the level of automation of a given branch of industry. This is due to the aforementioned fact of “accompanying equipment” of an industrial robot – e.g. to properly implement the palletisation process the product must be properly packaged, cartons properly formed, brought to the robot section in a proper, specified manner, in addition, it is necessary to have an appropriate line bringing empty pallets and a system for collecting full pallets, automatic wrapping machine, appropriate control system equipped with a PLC, often incorporated in the central SCADA system of the entire facility, and many other types of industrial automation equipment.

It can therefore be said that the number of robots in the industry determines the overall level of automation in manufacturing plants, because it is the number of robots that directly translates into the technical sophistication of a particular manufacturing industry.


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