Optimization of a production process

The aim of each company is to achieve maximum profit with minimum expenses. The profit mostly depends on the production process’ efficiency, which consists of workers’ activity and machines performance. Combining workers’ productivity and high-tech devices creates an expected effect — production process’ optimization, which influences the whole factory’s efficiency. So how to customize a workshop’s equipment to maximize production’s effectiveness?


linie montażu i kompletacji

Construction and functioning of an assembly line

Assembly lines usually consists of a transporter, assembly standpoints, robots, manipulators and supportive devices.

Assembly line creates a transport string with a certain work cycle of assembly standpoints (universal or specifically dedicated for each operation which is going to be performed on it).

Standpoints are equipped with specifically designed supporting devices. Depending on how much space an investor can intend for an assembly line, and time required for each operation, assembly lines can be built as straight lines, and also U- and L- shaped. Standpoints and subsystems assembly slots can be nearby if required by a supportive operation.

Lean-tech’s specialists are extremely experienced in constructing such systems. Using product’s type, assembly technology and specific detail’s data provided by the client we are able to propose a complex solution.


linie montażu i kompletacji

Assembly lines as an example of an efficient automation of a production’s process

Ergonomics and will to decrease production’s costs effects directly on solutions used in creating assembly lines. Using modern tech ideas and methods worked out by highly — experienced engineers provides performance maximization of their effectiveness, safety and can expedite created element’s line feed without loosing any of their parameters. Produced items are moved to packing and storing on calipers, which can additionally expedite production process.

Assembly lines and work’s efficiency

High-tech equipped assembly lines with ergonomic work standpoints should make a coordinated unity, aiming to provide the best work’s conditions and the most efficient production. Suitable assembly standpoints increase worker’s productivity, which merged with proper machine’s action coordination and employee’s work pace provide a consistency of production process, which in result creates a company using its productive abilities in the best possible way.

Ergonomic assembly standpoints and their impact on production process

Assembly standpoints, on which the employees work, should provide safety and comfort, using ergonomics rules. Ergonomics standards define actions that decrease worker’s fatigue and increase his safety. They can adjust employee’s standpoint to his needs and the production’s specifics. It’s an obvious way to increasing employee’s effectiveness, and, as effect, increasing production. Assembly lines, which combine a human’s standpoint with machine systems should be well-thought setups, asserting safety and maximization of productivity.

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