Mobile devices and AGV robots in the production of car components

AGV vehicles and other mobile robots have revolutionized the automotive industry. What’s more, they are one of the latest transport concepts in the production of car components. By using an intelligent system of automatically controlled vehicles, you can successfully eliminate warehouse trucks and replace them with forklift and pallet trucks. In this way, you can ensure a good organization of direct object relocation without the operator having to be involved in the process.

What is worth knowing about AGV Lean Cart robots?

As for our company’s offer, we offer robots transporting materials and objects. They are placed on special carts or properly adapted transport platforms, which can also be used to transport Euro-pallets. As for the devices we propose – they are fully automated with built-in advanced safety systems and system to control and monitor their surrounding. Thanks to modern vision systems, they can recognize shapes as well as detect and identify automatic charging stations and transport platforms. It is also worth to mention that the professional telemetry systems give you the possibility of continuous monitoring and diagnostics. What’s more, the software that is installed to supervise and control mobile robots works independently of the operating system. Importantly, the devices can also be controlled, for example, from a smartphone.

Simple solutions and intelligent technologies

The systems that our company offers can be easily and quickly implemented because they are simple and intuitive when it comes to their use. AGV Lean Cart systems can be installed seamlessly not only in production spaces, but also in any warehouse space. The systems proposed by our company use the intelligent combination of several technologies in the field of radio communication and the most modern adaptive software that is used to deliver the necessary parts and materials to the workplace.

Advantages of AGV Lean Cart devices

AGV Lean Cart mobile robots can be adapted to the customers’ needs in many aspects, also in terms of dimensions and shape. This flexibility in matching the shape of robots, in which our company’s experts can shape and equip the device for the customer, is the result of the use of specialized components and equipment.

Extended working time and a wide range of drives

It is worth knowing that AGV robots are extremely efficient, which is their significant advantage. In technical terms, this is due to, inter alia, the use of a wide range of drives, thanks to which products weighing up to even 1500 kilograms can be transported at speeds of up to 1.5 m / s. As for the minimum working time of units with such parameters, it is up to eight hours, but it can be extended to seven days. It is also worth mentioning the power supply system that allows you to immediately replace the device’s batteries.

The best quality

Our company is assessed as reliable thanks to the highest quality materials we use in the construction of devices and professionalism of employees. Because we care about good relations with clients, each of them can count on our help and advice. We also provide technical support.

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